Candidate Video Blogs – More work than you think!

2 03 2007

Welcome to campaigning in the 21st century.  With the advent of video sharing services like YouTube, video web-casts and video blogs are making it easier for candidates to reach voters and share their views with Americans across the country.  YouTube, in recognition of the power of video sharing for political candidates, announced today that it is launching its new channel You Choose ’08 to provide a central place to see the official campaign messages from all of the camps in the presidential race. 

I think that its great that YouTube is providing a space for all of these candidates to offer their message, and for voters to visit and have access to that message from one resource.  If most voters are like me, though, (and according to the Washington Post, they are) surfing through YouTube for candidate videos wouldn’t be complete without the parodies and candid videos that make these politicians just a little more human.   My personal favorite is of John Edwards showing just how hard it is to look good in front of the camera for those “official” videos.  Enjoy!