Lieberman Threatens to Run Away, Again

22 02 2007

In what shouldn’t be a too surprising turn of events, Joe Lieberman announced today that if the Senate voted to cancel funding for the Iraq war, that he would officially turn his allegiance towards the GOP.   This move could only be described as extortion towards either party on Lieberman’s part as he now single-handedly controls the balance of power in the US Senate.  After losing the Democratic primary in Connecticut to Ned Lamont in August 2006, Lieberman successfully won the General Election after changing parties to the “Connecticut for Lieberman” party.  His role as an independent caucusing with the Democrats was viewed as so critical by the Senate Democratic leadership that they named him Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee.  I’m sure that the GOP has made him quite an offer behind closed doors to swing his allegiance to the other side of the aisle. 

No one seems to know where this guy stands or what he stands for, not even Joe Lieberman himself.  His only loyalty seems to be to his own advancement, not to a party, an ideology, and one would surmise, not even to his own state.  This is exactly the kind of self fulfilling behavior that voters all around the country rejected in November 2006 when they dumped a number of crooked, self motivated politicians.  Regardless of what party Joe decides to stay loyal to, it’s time for the people of Connecticut to recall this self-interested politician out of office and into permanent retirement.


So Far, Off to a Bad Start…

22 02 2007

It’s now mid February.  It’s been a whole 7 weeks into DC Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s first 4 year term and we are already off to a bad start with a School takeover plan that was virtually D.O.A. and completely botched the response to the first major winter storm of 2007.

The rough stuff for Fenty started when his Inauguration was delayed as a result of Former President Gerald Ford’s State Funeral in the first week of January.  The Big kickoff event for this “constituent Mayor” was to be the Inaugural Ball held at the Downtown DC Convention Center, free to anyone who could make the hike to the Reeves Center at the corner of 14th and U Streets, NW to pick up tickets in person.  I was able to gather a reasonable size group to come with me to the Inaugural Ball and was excited as anyone else to celebrate the start of a new and prosperous time for our great city.  I never realized what a challenge simply getting INTO the party would be. 

Our group spent roughly 30 minutes being crushed by a crowd of a few hundred people attempting to enter the main hall of the convention center because of the failure of multiple metal detectors at the entrance points.  After 30 minutes of stagnation, the entry personnel opted to simply let people walk right in, straight through the beeping metal detectors, without having to stop or even so much as have their bag or ID checked.  I understand that the logistics of moving a large group of people through a building can be daunting, but I have less sympathy when I think that this whole debacle was orchestrated by the person, or team of people, that we have just recently ordained to handle the operations and logistics of our bustling metropolis

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Fireworks mark the Start of DC Coffee Talk

21 02 2007

Well, I might need to use the term “fireworks” a little loosely.  There was definitely fire, and excitement, that’s for sure.  I’m not sure if I would say “works,” per se… 

 Last night around 10 as Roja and I are sitting in the living room and deliberating on the urgency of bedtime, there was a substantial explosion from just outside of the front door to the condo.  The first “pop” was followed by a second and third and as I turned towards the (glass) door, there were sparks and fire shooting out of the electrical meter closet that services our’s and our neighbor’s condo units.  Smoke and the smell of burning plastic filled the foyer and we immediately started shutting off lights and appliances thinking that something was draining too much power from the closet. 

After a few more “explosions” and the hiss and sizzle of an electrical fire, I called the DC Fire Department who came amazingly quickly.  They came down, took a look at the closet and proceeded to tell me that “yup, it looks like an electrical fire.  Something got burned up in there,” and that it was all up to Pepco at that point.  Pepco’s emergency team arrived within 20 minutes and started poking around in the closet to confirm that “yup, it looks like an electrical fire.  Something got burned up in there.  Looks like your breakers are on fire.”  “You mean, like, right now?”  “Yup! Hey, if you wouldn’t mind, can I take a look at your fuse panel, you know, if its not too inconvenient.”  Now, luckily I had just vacuumed and cleaned the other day and felt totally comfortable with some stranger walking into the house to prevent it from burning down.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than someone coming to service your flaming breakers and to see tumbleweeds of cat hair rolling across the living room floor like it is a barren waste land. 

The Pep(co) Boys determined that it wasn’t OUR breakers that were on fire, but our neighbors’ and that they would need to cut the power to service it.   I’m guessing that they went up to tell our neighbors that before they cut their power and that the next explosion that followed (while I was staring at the box moving some of the more flammable items out of the vicinity, mind you) was the result of an angry consumer jumping out of bed and flipping on a light switch to yell at whatever creep was at his door at 12 at night. 

Hi-jinks ensue as the Pep(co) Boys attempt to cut the power:

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